Color Intactness

Zero color fadedness, unaffected by external variables, such as sum, heat, ash, cement, etc. Color fades, poor quality in coastal and variable climatic conditions

Environmental Effects

Environmentally Friendly, improves the environment Hazardous to health, negative environment

Sound Insulation

Extremely effective sound barrier, blocks off up to 51 db of sound Ineffective noise barrier, easy penetration through joints and material

Water, Humidity and Moisture Resistance

Water/Humidity resistance water Water easily penetrates

Thermal Insulation

3 chamber system for thermal insulation Ineffective and very expensive thermal insulation, if installed


3 gaskets for better insulation Ordinary gaskets with small life-span

Chemical Resistance

Very effective chemical resistance Poor chemical resistance

Dust Insulation

Secured, welded joints, EPDM (import rubber) and imported brushes for blocking dust Dust easily penetrate through poorly welded joints and frame

Rust Resistance

Vinyl wont corrode, blister, peel, flake or rust Excessive corrosion, rusting and flaking, especially in extreme climatic conditions

Weather Resistance

Good in extreme and variable climatic conditions Ineffective in variable and extreme climatic conditions

Electrical Conduction

poor electric conductor Good electric conductor

Thermal Transmittance Range

from 2.4 to 4.5 (W/M3K) From 2.9 to 5.8 (W/M3K)

Corner Joints

Effective high temperature (260 centigrade) thermal welding that ensures precisely formed long-term joints without irregularities Week and Lrregular corner connections

Increased Glazing

Provision of single/double and triple glazing Ineffective, limited glazing


Triple ispanyolette locking system Ordinary Locks


European quality imported accessories Ordinary accessories


Maintenance free High, regular maintenance requirement


Life Time Limited