These systems allow continuity and growth of inner space because it is applied from outside of the building. It covers building equipment that floats from the surface of the building and provides appropriate solutions for the projects with different profile sizes.
A. Outside Side Caped Curtain Wall System
Façade surface finish different forms of structural caped curtain wall with variety of colors.

B. Outside Side Un-Caped Curtain Wall System
Application of module system with structural glazing completely applied with transparent surface or with different color combinations.

C. Steel Supported Curtain wall system
As a new method providing mounting of vertical cover profile with a straight cut of adapter cover profile without endmilling, as of applied with endmilling in standard in standard skylight systems.

D. Unitized Curtain Wall System-
High quality is ensured by performing most of the application in the workshop. It provides installation without the use of scaffolding. By adapting to the structure movements, it absorbs the effect of earthquakes.