We Are Usually Asked About

What is uPVC ?

– It means unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. In the UK they call it as PVC-U and in North America it is referred to simply as PVC. The material is high impact rigidified modified UV stabilized unplasticized polyvinyl choride. It has no plasticizers in it. Thus the compound formulation gives the benefits of high impact resistance, high thermal Insulation etc

What are the benefits of UPVC Windows over Aluminum Windows?

uPVC windows have Following Advantage over Aluminum Windows

  1. Much better U-Value
  2. Much better sound proofing
  3. 100% water proof
  4. 100% Dust Proof
  5. No Corrosion and therefore hardly required any maintenance.
  6. Locking systems are much advanced.

What is the fire resistance of UPVC Windows?

We would like to make the following statements in reference to the fire conduct of PVC windows. Various test series at independent test institutes in Germany, England, Scandinavia an Switzerland have shown the advantageous behaviour of PVC windows in the case of fire in comparison with windows made of other materials. PVC is a very burn resistant material and is classified according to DIN 4102, class B 2. The combination of PVC window frames and internal reinforcement profiles display a very good structural stability in all fire tests, superior to that of a wooden window. The window frames surfaces burned on the fire-side, however no considerable damage occurs before the destruction of glass pane. Therefore of the frame of a PVC window is not responsible for the possible spreading of an interior fire, only the glazing.

Is uPVC hazardous for health?

PVC windows have been in use now for over 35 years. During this time, there has never been a known case of health problems such as allergies due to the use of PVC window frames. We would like to point out that products made from PVC play an extremely important role in the medical and pharmaceutical areas. All the push-out tablet packages are made from PVC foils. Blood bags, infusion tubes and operation gloves are made exclusively from PVC. It is also used for flooring in clinics especially in operating rooms where they have a preference for PVC flooring. A statement from the brochure “PVC – Products in the Building Industry” which was issued by the panel of experts “Healthy Building and Living” and was publicized by the Federal Ministry for Regional Development, Building Trade and Town Planning, says: “The use of PVC products in the building industry does not create any adverse effects to one’s health as long as the normal conditions and regulations for production in Germany are maintained.”