Find an Inspiring Solution for your own sun-shielding needs with this charming shade solutions.
Midland Glazing is recognized amongst the leading manufacturers of the tensile fabric structure that is offered in various designs. Midland established Sun shading business with the aim of becoming its “market leader in Pakistan for modern Shading and Sun protection Solutions”. Midland Glazing has successfully established exclusive relationships with some of the world’s leading providers and manufacturers, enabling the company to offer a wide range of solutions in shading and sun protection sector. These Sun shades, Car porch shades and Sails are manufactured using extremely resistant PVC coated technical fabric and comes with different kinds of supporting frames. We also custom develop these tents, sunshades and car porch shades as required by our clients, further taking into account their different assembling requirements. The car parking tensile covers an efficient area and protects from harsh sunlight that can damage the vehicle. These shades are sturdily constructed using tensile fabric that can withstand adverse weather conditions. The structure can be installed easily and dismantled and is aesthetically pleasing for eyes as well as the environment.
Midland offers many innovative solutions that enable our customers to use their outdoor areas all year longs and to protect them from rain, the heat and harmful sun rays. Providing areas with shade-stylishly and with the perfect touch is a true art. We create the type of sun protection that you have been dreaming of and transform your daily living to a wonderful lifestyle.