Whatever the cause of impact, glass doors and windows are vulnerable to damage – and broken glass poses a hazard of its own. You can’t control crime, accidents or the weather, but you can get an added layer of protection – one that’s virtually invisible. Safety & Security Window Films make glass harder to penetrate and hold shattered pieces in place, helping keep both people and property safe from dangers posed by intruders, severe weather and broken glass. For an even higher level of protection, the Midland Impact Protection Attachment System securely fixes the filmed window to the frame, turning your window into a robust shield capable of withstanding forced entry, earthquakes and even bomb blasts.
When disaster strikes, can your windows take a beating without shattering into dangerous shards of glass? From everyday accidents to airborne storm debris and even seismic activity, windows are vulnerable to damage. Whatever the cause of breakage may be but Midland Safety & Security Window Films can help reduce the risk of injury from flying glass. These micro-layered and tear-resistant films hold the fragments in place – where they can’t hurt your family or your belongings. Our unique maintenance-free and highly scratch-resistant security film improves the structural integrity of any window.
Break-and-enter robberies typically involve breaking a window. Glass shatters, falls and a burglar gains easy entrance. But if the window is protected by Midland Safety & Security Window Film, any glass that shatters stays in place – deterring intruders and gaining precious time for you and your family.
• Protects your life and property from theft and burglary through glass.
• Replaces lattice type security window that could be easily cut off.
• Secure from the hazard of fatal glass shards caused by some explosion.
• Protects materials from fading due to complete blockage of harmful UV rays.
• Provides a very effective insulation without compromising the light and view.
• Child protection from broken glass.