Get Installed solar film for windows
We have a range of solar control window films. Each film delivers a slightly different appearance and level of performance, with each product providing a durable and long lasting solution. As well as helping to control heat levels, solar control films will deliver additional benefits such as glare reduction and fade mitigation.
It is important to note that not all window films are suitable for every glazing type. To check that your film choice is appropriate for your glass, please consult our representative, if you are in any doubt as to the suitability of a particular solar control film.
These films provide UV protection from the suns UV rays, which can have harmful effects on Skin and cause irreparable damage to fabrics, furnishings, ornaments and paintings. UV window films cut out 99% of UV rays helping to slow the effects of fading and the associated damages. Midland have a range of solutions to help with reducing UV light that offer different levels of protection from UV rays, including some virtually clear UV tint for windows. Please remember that fading is not just the result of UV rays, heat and light is also considered as a factor.
Reflective film which adheres to glass and is often seen on commercial buildings can block up to 85 percent of incoming sunlight. In the summer, solar films can reduce heat gain, making homes more comfortable and reducing your cooling bills.