The sleek, modern alternative to traditional guardrail systems. Strong and reliable tempered and laminate glass panels to never block your view. Glass Railing is smooth and the panels are less than 2-inch from the posts, making the system safe for young children. Glass railing is a strong option for modern and contemporary homes and buildings and also glass is a safe and stunning infill that can greatly enhance the look and feel of your deck, stair or home. Adding glass railing to your project can give it that extra bit of zest to set it apart.
Midland Glazing will design, fabricate and deliver your entire glass railing system. Our designers will work with you to create a custom designed glass system for your balcony, stairway, pool, or anywhere else. But everyone wants to know about two things with glass railing: Safety and maintenance. When using the correct glass, glass railing is a very safe option for both residential and commercial uses. Glass used can either be tempered only or tempered laminated depending upon the safety requirements and location of installation.
Glass railings can be of two types
i. Frames less railings
ii. Glass railing with top handrail either made of SS or Aluminum.
iii. A simple top rail either made of SS or Aluminum.
Find inspiration for your stair, deck or balcony with some of our finished glass railing system photos.